A team of experts in renewable energy asset management - Proxima Solutions
Software helping in optimizing renewable energy production with cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence technology

A Team of Experts in Renewable Energy Asset Management

What we’re not: a bunch of coders. Yes, our team has the data science, engineering, IT, development and UX know-how required to create software solutions and also years of experience in the field.

CEO & Co-founder - Proxima Solutions
Giuseppe Madia
Head of Sales - Proxima Solutions
Dirk Oehlmann
Head of Sales
CTO - Proxima Solutions
Gökay Pamuk
Head of Data Acquisition - Proxima Solutions
Adriano Sorgente
Head of Data Acquisition
Head of Control Room - Proxima Solutions
Christoph Neufink
Head of Control Room
Backend Lead - Proxima Solutions
Alberto Crespo
Backend Lead