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Windlog, the software as a service solution (SaaS) to increase wind energy and hydro energy production

Windlog, the wind farm asset management software: New features

At Proxima Solutions GmbH, we rely on our development processes and team capabilities to create holistic and powerful tools. Through our solutions, we aim to ease operations and management of renewable energy assets. We have recently released new features and improved some of Windlog’s functionalities, our sophisticated Software as a Service (SaaS) for wind farm asset management. We want to present how, through these improvements, Windlog can help our users optimize their wind power portfolio.

In July, the Logbook and KPI follow-up, have been added to Windlog’s suite of modules. On the other hand, Data Studio, Report, and Forecast modules have been improved for better performance. Thanks to these upgrades our clients will benefit as follows.

  • Logbook: The new Logbook Module provides an automated classification of turbine outages and operating times. The user interface combines planned maintenance, turbine status notifications, measurements, and operation data of each wind turbine, allowing our users to understand the operating conditions at a glance. The automated turbine classification makes the best match according to the turbine conditions. However, the user still has full control of the turbine logbook, categorizing the state for every moment of operation.
  • proxima-solutions-wind-log-logbook-module

  • KPI Follow-up: Provides the contractual summary analysis of the portfolio according to the wind farms benchmark. We compare our clients portfolio with the industry standard according to user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs). With this module, it’s possible to define the desired level of performance and every detail of the KPI calculation. Free definable formulas help our users to adjust to every contractual requirement.
  • proxima-solutions-wind-log-kpi-followup-module

  • Data Studio: We introduce a new way of aggregating turbines before downloading the data. Users can now select multiple turbines under a chosen park or pick a turbine based on its type. The general performance of the module improved, as new features were developed for the user to better navigate through the download options.

  • User Experience and User Interface have improved to ease interaction by reducing the time needed for data extraction. Also, a new direct download option was introduced for users to export, open, and work with the downloaded data file.

  • Report: All the new charts and graphics from the ‘KPI Follow-up’ module can be included in any report. Now “one-type” reports are customizable according to date ranges, manually selected by the user. This option replaces the previously available daily, weekly, and monthly recurring reports.

  • Forecast: The new version of Windlog's Forecast Module provides improved insight into the modeled power forecast. Based on the meteorological data and planned maintenance activities, the forecast module projects how much the actual energy output and its price on the market will be. Weather forecasts integrated from different weather providers can be easily evaluated, analyzed, and combined. The revised user interface in Windlog provides an easier way to switch between different forecast providers and improved imbalance comparison.

Now, Windlog counts with more than ten modules that provide our clients with real-time information about their wind assets. These modules can be contracted in packages or individually according to our users’ needs. Clients like BKW, Energy Infrastructure Partners, Nordic Wind Power DA, and Helvetic Wind, already trust our solutions.

Thanks to our team of data scientists and expert partners in artificial intelligence, we are also pioneering in predictive analytics in the renewables energy industry. We count with algorithms capable of early detecting, not only anomalous behaviors but exactly where the issue is or will be located.

Windlog, plus our diagnosis service based on predictive analytics, is a powerful mix for high-level decision-making. We work with accuracy and commitment aiming to digitalize the energy transition.

About us

Proxima Solutions GmbH is a German Company founded in 2018 aiming to digitize the energy transition. Combining artificial and human intelligence, data science, and renewable energy expertise, we offer a suite of software tools that enable asset owners and asset managers to increase energy production from their wind and hydro energy plants.

We can also support our customers with a set of services (plant supervision, predictive diagnostics, asset management) where we optimize asset performance and preserve asset lifetime by implementing the recommendations from our advanced analytics and AI predictive algorithms.