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Largest onshore wind project in europe

Windlog digitalizes Fosen Vind, the largest European wind project

Strong winds hit the coastal areas of Norway, making it an attractive area for renewable energy companies to invest in wind power projects. Presently, Norway has 53 wind farms with a total installed capacity of 3’977 MW. Its largest onshore wind project, which in turn is also the largest in Europe, consists of 6 wind farms located in the Fosen peninsula on Hitra island and close to Snillfjord in central Norway, accounting for 1.057MW and 277 wind turbines. This gigantic cluster that took 5 years, 2.5 million hours of work, and 1.1 billion euros investment is expected to produce an annual energy output of more than 3.5TWh, equivalent to 750’000 Swiss households a year (TronderEnergi, 2015).


Statkraft, a well-known owner and operator of onshore wind power assets in Norway, is Fosen Vind’s main investor, followed by Nordic Wind Power DA – a consortium formed by the Swiss utility and infrastructure company BKW and a group of investment funds managed by Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP)-, and the Norwegian utility TrønderEnergi, with a share of 52.1%, 40%, and 7.9% respectively. Many companies and people around Europe were involved to make this project possible.

  • Vestas supplied the 277 wind turbine generators, 177 type V117 3.6 MW, 57 type V117 4.2 MW, and 43 type V136 4.2 MW.
  • Multiconsult, engaged as owner’s engineer.
  • Wood Group, was chosen to perform power performance testing.
  • Linka was the electrical engineering contractor.
  • Nexans was subcontracted by Linka to supply underground cables for the Roan wind farm.
  • Johs. J. Syltern, was the construction contractor for Roan, Kvenndalsfjellet and Harbaksfjellet wind farms.
  • Peikko Norge was awarded the rock foundation contracts for Storheia and Hitra 2 wind farms.
  • Grunn Partners, as fiber optics provider.
  • PEAB, chosen for the construction of the Hitra wind farm.
  • Blue Shipping water oversaw transporting wind turbine components from Spain and Germany.
  • A large team of technicians and engineers who kept strongly committed over 6 years regardless of weather conditions.

The six Fosen wind parks close to Trondheim

Digitalizing the largest wind energy project of Europe:

Wind assets have evolved, and with it, managers need to move at the speed of technological advances to improve monitoring and avoid failures that can decrease the assets' lifetime and cause expensive repairs. For this project, Windlog by Proxima Solutions GmbH, service provider acting as sub-contractor to Proxima Scandinavia AB on behalf of Nordic Wind Power DA, has been chosen as one the providers of technical asset management solutions to provide insights and real-time monitoring of each asset. This tool powered by artificial intelligence is expected to support the wind farm’s operation in 4 main aspects:

  • Daily operations monitoring: 10 different modules allow the asset and technical managers to follow-up energy production, production forecasts, maintenance planning and performance.
  • Precise calculation of the wind farm availability: With a module called “logbook”, the user can allocate all turbine stops to their classification class, enabling a precise calculation of the wind farm availability.
  • PPA follow-up: The power purchase offtake structure is tracked on an hourly basis and can be easily followed up and examined.
  • Asset’s structural health assessment: Supported by sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, Windlog provides support to preventive maintenance concepts by detecting turbines' component failures or malfunctions ahead of actual failure. This allows the asset owners to reduce costs and take a collaborative approach with the local managers and O&M providers in advance.

Proxima Solutions is looking forward to add value and build trust in its clients to contribute to better management whilst providing the right insights for managers to take ownership of every wind turbine. Through Windlog, the wind farms can be optimized for production and revenues while saving money. The onboarding process will start as soon as possible aiming to have the software solution fully functional by mid-June 2021.

About us

Proxima Solutions GmbH is a German Company founded in 2018 aiming to digitize the energy transition. Combining artificial and human intelligence, data science, and renewable energy expertise, we offer a suite of software tools that enables asset owners and asset managers to increase energy production from their wind and hydro energy plants.

We can also support our customers with a set of services (plant supervision, predictive diagnostics, asset management), where we optimize asset performance and preserve asset lifetime by implementing the recommendations from our advanced analytics and AI predictive algorithms.



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