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The team behind the optimization of renewable energy

Proxima Solutions GmbH has been supporting renewable energy portfolios by providing technology that monitors and analyzes them by automatizing their processes. Finding the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and human knowledge, has required a team capable of channeling our resources with technology to develop solutions that support a digitized energy transition.

Our multicultural and multidisciplinary team is spread all over Europe. We are a team of engineers, developers, economists and administrators, among others, filled with expertise ready to keep up with the pace of the industry by giving asset managers, O&M and technical commercial managers insights of their assets.

Giuseppe Madia, CEO of Proxima Solutions GmbH, who has more than twenty years of experience in the energy sector, leads our organization, which divides its human resources among 3 main areas: Development, Operations, and Marketing & Sales. For Giuseppe, the team must make clear that artificial intelligence will not replace technicians and operators, but we can make their work more efficient by providing them with tools and data.

“When this adventure began, in 2018 to be exact, our team consisted of 16 internal enthusiastic and passionate employees ready to build a competitive team. A workforce that has grown steadily over the last 4 years, acquiring new knowledge to improve our solutions and develop new proposals.” - Dirk Oehlmann, Head of Sales.


But what has been one of the most important factors in the team's success?

Anyone could say that building a team is a very simple task - you open a recruitment process, hire, and train. However, for our Head of Operations Frank Schnabel, when we have already selected the team, the key is to apply processes that allow us to identify and execute tasks in the best possible way.

To achieve this, it is important to have profiles that lead and promote teamwork. Leadership requires the ability to know the different characteristics of the team, to encourage communication and involvement of each member. "The best way is to include everyone and highlight the benefits for everyone, not only in general, but also for each team member personally." - Frank Schnabel, Head of Operations.

For the development team, the creation and implementation of various projects represent different processes that are subject to constant challenges. Therefore, it is important to be clear about what is being developed and to eliminate doubts and concerns that may interfere in the different phases of our projects.

Overcoming these possible challenges sometimes requires an adjustment of the process. Therefore, it is important to recognize the team's reaction to these changes and try not to lose interest and motivation."There are always doubts and concerns. Individually, most of us are very happy with the situation we are in and a change forces us to leave our comfort zone. Change is always a risk, and especially in the beginning when things are not going well yet, it takes courage to continue on the path, but also the courage to react and adjust details."

As a company constantly growing, it is important to quickly adapt our processes as naturally as possible. It is necessary to provide the team with an environment that offers them security and conditions that encourage their proactivity. "The team needs a safe environment where they can learn and improve. In this way, the team is not only involved, but drives the process. Above all, it's important to guide the team's change and engagement and lead by example."

Proxima Solutions is possible, thanks to its team. With it, we are able to impact the renewable energy industry, connecting portfolios with our IT software solutions. We are committed to supporting the goal of achieving at least 32% renewable energy by 2030 and improving energy efficiency by at least 32.5%. Examples of this commitment are our solutions Windlog, Hydrolog, and Energylog, which aim to maximize the performance of the renewable energy portfolio through real-time analytics.

About us:

Proxima Solutions GmbH is a German Company founded in 2018 aiming to digitize the energy transition. Combining artificial and human intelligence, data science, and renewable energy expertise, we offer a suite of software tools that enables asset owners and asset managers to increase energy production from their wind and hydro energy plants.

We can also support our customers with a set of services (plant supervision, predictive diagnostics, asset management) where we optimize asset performance and preserve asset lifetime by implementing the recommendations from our advanced analytics and AI predictive algorithms.