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Windlog, the SaaS solution to improve wind energy production and revenues

The fulfillment of a new renewable energy product release

The application and creation of new technologies has become a daily task in all industries. In the renewable energy industry, technology has enabled the improvement of processes capable of increasing green energy production and improving business efficiency. The connection between human skills, technology, and renewable energy sources requires being sharp to stay ahead of the curve and lose the fear of experimentation by bringing disruptive proposals to the table.

The Proxima Solutions team recognizes, that the introduction of new solutions requires an interest in continuously improving their features so that the value perceived by the customer grows over time. The useful life of the product does not depend on its use, but on the extent to which it responds to the needs of those who use it actively or passively.

Windlog, Proxima Solutions’ sophisticated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, enables wind energy asset owners to avoid failures and downtimes to improve production and revenues. Since 2018 Proxima Solutions has been working to improve and enlarge Windlog’s functionalities. We follow the statement of Niklaus Wirth, the Swiss computer scientist, and inventor of the Pascal programming language among many others: “in the practical world of computing, it is rather uncommon that a program, once it performs correctly and satisfactorily, remains unchanged forever”.

Since the launch of the first version of Windlog in 2018, which was connected to 5 wind parks with a total capacity of 100 MW, we have introduced new features and modules; hand in hand with an internal and external team committed to learning new ways to deliver more value to the customers. “Windlog is one of the key assets of Proxima Solutions, which has been accompanied by several creative processes to increase support in wind energy production. However, our commitment is not only to wind energy but also to solar and hydropower." - Dirk Oehlmann, Head of Sales.

The direct and close contact we maintain with our customers and the users of our solutions allows us to identify opportunities for improvement and new challenges at the development level. Windlog is a great example of how a product can be kept alive through its essence of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Innovation processes for improving a solution or creating a new tool require a full understanding of their development phases. From our experience, we know that before starting a new development, the adrenaline of the team is high to achieve the expected result.

Understanding the motive, the path, and what we want to execute marks the milestones we need to achieve; this fosters a conducive environment in the team. When all areas involved are informed of the value of their contribution on the way to achieving the goals, we can make each process effective and oriented. Moreover, motivation is very important for us, it’s our fuel to provide better services.

The launching phase is when we breathe a sigh of relief, satisfaction, and pride, but when users confirm that we have made their daily work easier and helped them achieve their business goals, then we know that our work has served its purpose.

With Windlog, as with the other products in our portfolio, we are always waiting for the sensation of a new feature or improvement. Connecting with new parks has shown us how to develop and improve modules according to the needs of the market. From this learning we have launched new modules to make the product better such as Overview Board, Monitor, Analyze, KPI's Follow-Up, Budget Follow-Up, Forecast and Report.

Our interest in helping the renewable energy industry to increase its potential drives us to improve the performance of our solutions and their functionality. We are passionate about surprising and delighting those who see us as business partners. The mission to translate our portfolio into quality solutions for our customers has led us on a fascinating journey.

The commitment we have towards the renewable energy industry is strong and we look forward to hearing more from satisfied customers that we have helped them reduce incidents, lower costs, forecast, and save time on maintenance and planning. With the confidence of the market, we will fulfill our goal of strengthening and improving renewable energy production by finding better ways to combine technology and expertise.

About us:

Proxima Solutions GmbH is a German Company founded in 2018 aiming to digitize the energy transition. Combining artificial and human intelligence, data science, and renewable energy expertise, we offer a suite of software tools that enables asset owners and asset managers to increase energy production from their wind and hydro energy plants.

We can also support our customers with a set of services (plant supervision, predictive diagnostics, asset management) where we optimize asset performance and preserve asset lifetime by implementing the recommendations from our advanced analytics and AI predictive algorithms.