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Wind turbine predictive maintenance to track if turbine has the correct temperature

Does the turbine have the right temperature?

This article was originally published in BKW's blog. Proxima Solutions GmbH has the consent to produce the English and Spanish versions and to use the images.

BKW operates 27 wind farms. From Norway to Germany, and from France and Switzerland to Italy, a total of 297 BKW turbines are rotating in the wind. Which one is producing and how much electricity? Is a turbine showing signs of malfunction? And when should maintenance work be carried out? Windlog, developed by Proxima Solutions, provides answers to these and many other questions.

Giuseppe Madia displays a map of Europe on a screen showing BKW's entire wind portfolio. The managing director of Proxima Solutions uses the zoom function to navigate to the various wind farms or individual turbines. With a few clicks, he checks their condition. This is made possible by Windlog. Proxima Solutions launched the wind turbine monitoring tool on the market in 2020, since then, has been constantly developing it..

An extremely complex thermometer

Windlog provides data of each turbine in real-time. It shows, not only how much electricity it is producing, but also provides a virtual view inside the turbine. There are temperature sensors on various components of a wind turbine - such as the gearbox or the generator. Windlog uses this data. "If the turbine is overheating, this is an early sign that something is wrong," explains Giuseppe Madia. Windlog compares the data of one turbine with all the others in the same park, so that any anomaly can be quickly identified.


"If the turbine is overheating, this is an early sign that something is wrong."

Giuseppe Madia clicks on turbine five at the Marker wind farm in Norway. In fact, the gearbox is somewhat warmer than other turbines in the park. A look at the time series which Windlog records as a matter of routine - gives the all-clear: the temperature fluctuates. "It’s worrying when it only goes up," says Giuseppe Madia. Such problems can be detected at an early stage with Windlog. And this is almost worth its weight in gold: "If a small piece breaks off in the gearbox and we detect it in time, it can be repaired in the turbine. The magnitude of the repair costs: around ten thousand euros. If, on the other hand, the damage remains undetected for a while, the entire gearbox will sooner or later break down and will have to be replaced with a crane from the ground. The repair costs can quickly rise to a hundred thousand euros, not to mention the loss in revenue due to the loss of production," says Giuseppe Madia.


The data flows: from trading to Windlog and vice-versa

If any component of a turbine needs to be repaired, Windlog helps to determine the optimal time to do so. Wind forecasts are stored in the tool - including BKW trading data. Windlog combines the forecast data with the guaranteed remuneration or the expected market price. In this way, every planned maintenance receives a price tag in the form of lost potential income. When the time is fixed, this data flows back to BKW. This way, the colleagues on the trading floor know when a certain amount of electricity is not available and can procure it on the market in good time.

Man and technology

Windlog processes up to 4 million data records in real-time, runs on 74 servers in the cloud and comprises a total of 3,300 microservices: But it is the interaction between man and technology that gives Windlog its full power. It takes humans to correctly interpret the data from the tool. In the long term, Windlog should not only be able to predict failures, but also to propose solutions. It also needs people who continue to develop Windlog, such as Giuseppe Madia and his team. Windlog is not the only wind turbine monitoring tool on the market, and it is about being faster, cheaper, and better for wind farm asset management. Proxima Solutions’ team is keeping at it with success: in addition to BKW's wind portfolio, they are already monitoring various third-party plants. Geographically, there are no limits to Windlog, so maybe Giuseppe Madia will soon show a map of the world on his screen.

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